Benefits of Meditation

31 May
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I have to say that, in my religious upbringing and training, I was not really exposed to the idea of meditation. How strange I find that to be now. I find it perplexing now when I encounter a person who is on a spiritual journey yet does not regularly practice meditation.

There is such an incredible opportunity there! Maybe folks are just spooked, or maybe they’re just not aware of the incredible benefits of meditation that they could be enjoying. I will share with you some of the benefits of meditation that I have been enjoying to inspire you to make meditation more of a regular practice in your life.

State of Being

Much of what meditation does is produce a pleasant and almost euphoric state of being. Meditation is one of my favorite things to do because it’s in meditation that I experience states of joy, peace, calm, relaxation, focus, confidence, clarity, love and trust.

The great thing about experiencing these states of being – and especially getting familiar with them – is that you start to become more consciously aware of when you are NOT experiencing them. I think so often we feel crappy, depressed, uptight, angry, frustrated and a host of other unpleasant feelings and we’re not even aware of it because we’ve accepted that as the norm.

In the Moment

The other great thing meditation has done for me is put me in the moment. So much of the negative and unpleasant stuff we experience is because of thoughts we’re having about past or future events or feelings.

Being present in the moment, in the here and now, enables you to release the past and the future. Thoughts of the past often carry with them regret, disappointment, embarrassment, frustration, anger and bitterness. Thoughts of the future often bring feelings of fear, anxiety and doubt.

Right here. Right now. All is wonderful.

I know I’ve only touched on the surface of the benefits of meditation. My plan is to follow up this post with some practical how-tos on how to easily implement meditation into your daily life so you can start experiencing the benefits of meditation for yourself – sooner than later.


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  1. I’m so happy to see you bring this valuable info to people in your community Steve. You are a wise man indeed! Keep sharing the…

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