How to Get More of What You Want

5 Feb
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So, let’s say that you just had your favorite dish of ice cream. What’s the feeling you’re left with when you finish it? You want more, right? The other night, after finishing an amazing dish of ice cream, I showed my family my empty ice cream dish and told them that was the saddest sight in the world – having no more ice cream left in my bowl.

If only the rest of our lives were that easy – all we needed was to go to the ice box and get another scoop of what we wanted.

Well, the good news is that it might not be as difficult as you think to get more of what you want. In fact, once you know the secret of how to get more of what you want, you may just be pleasantly surprised how easy it can be.

Identify It

The first block to having more of what we want is that we have not identified specifically what we want. Imagine a child going to sit on Santa’s lap. Santa asks what they want, and the little child replies, “I have no idea. Why don’t you just get me whatever you think is best for me.”

Until you get really clear on what specifically it is that you want, and are as excited about it as a little child, it will not come to you or be given to you.

Envision It

Once you’ve identified what it is specifically that you want, envision what it would be like having it. Imagine how it will make you feel. Imagine the color(s) or smell(s) it will have. Engage all of your senses in this exercise.

Don’t let yourself think that this is just wishful thinking. You’ll notice this is not the last step of the process. It is a very important part of the process, though.

Focus On It

Energy flows where attention goes. You will get more of what you focus on. If you wish for one thing, like having more money, but then focus on how much money you don’t have, you will stay in that energy and just bring more lack into your life.

Instead of seeing the opportunities all around you, you will see all the negative stuff that is bringing you down…and you’ll just get more of it.

Be Grateful For It

When I pray, I don’t normally ask for things. Instead, I give thanks for it as though I had already received it. I start out being grateful for something before I even have it. That way, when it does come to me, I will already be in the habit of giving thanks for it.

Be Ready For It

Nine months before our first child was born, my wife and I were getting ready for it. We didn’t come home from the hospital with our newborn baby and ask, “Where do you think we should put her?”

We had the place decked out! There were so many things in place. That’s why they call it…expecting. What do you expect to happen in your life? Are you prepared for it?

Let It Come To You

Letting something come to you doesn’t mean that you just sit back and do nothing. It means you go about your life, creating opportunities for what you want to come your way.

Here in the midwest, we have to deal with a lot of snow at times. Lots of snow can impede people from going places. If I’m expecting a package in the mail or a guest to be coming over to visit, I am going to make sure that my driveway and sidewalks are clear and passable. I don’t want the littlest thing to hinder their comfort and ease in coming my way. I don’t want them to find excuses for not making it to me – as long as I can do something about it.

Here’s another example. My girls were having an event at their school one night. I really did not want to go. I wasn’t feeling well, and it was snowing…again. However, they were really looking forward to going. So, I thought to myself, that I would go, and that maybe something really cool would happen to me there.

In fact it did. I heard a woman calling out after me. She said that she forgot my name, but knew that I gave guitar lessons. She was wondering if I was available to give lessons to her daughter who had just received a guitar for Christmas.

I did nothing to make that happen, except go into the icebox of winter, and get another scoop.

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