My Freedom Mantra

3 Jul
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Around this time of year Americans celebrate their independence, or freedom. While I am certainly grateful for the freedom I have as an American, I am especially grateful for, what I believe to be, the most important freedom all people have: spiritual, mental and emotional freedom.

I’ve heard of “hell” being described as a wonderful place that you cannot enjoy because of the inner torment you are experiencing. Similarly, what good would all the freedoms I have as an American do me if I am suffering in my own prison of spiritual, mental and emotional torment?

I have developed a helpful little tool I call my freedom mantra. This has helped get me out of a mental, emotional and spiritual rut and get me back to a place of contentment. Maybe it will help you too!

What you do is take three deep breaths, and on each breath say to yourself…

In breath:      I am free
Out breath:   I release
In breath:      I replace
Out breath:   I realign
In breath:      I receive
Out breath:   I give thanks

This mantra can be repeated as many times as necessary. You can also be thinking of related and expanded ideas for each breath. For example…

I am free – No matter what situation you’re in, you have the freedom to choose your thoughts. Since “thoughts are things” and are the seed of everything that comes to fruition, you have some control over what happens in your life. You are free to choose your response, your attitude and your frame of mind about anything. Therefore, you have the power over how you experience any situation. That is real freedom.

I release – Perhaps you want to think about the specific thing you are releasing. If you don’t want to give any energy to that thing, then you can think in more general terms. You could imagine releasing sandbags that hold your hot air balloon to the ground or other similar metaphors.

I replace – You can think of the list of things that Paul outlines in Philippians: “Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, excellent or praiseworthy – think of such things.” You can focus on even just one of these things or others like them. Out with the bad, in with the good. Focus on positive things, blessed energy that will uplift and inspire.

I realign – Think of it as cleaning your room, your house or apartment, your office, etc. By releasing what no longer serves your highest self, and replacing it with goodness, it’s like cleaning and rearranging. You can also think of your chakras being aligned and your energy being in tune with all that is good and holy. You can see it as choosing thoughts that are congruent with your higher purpose. It’s creating the space for the good energy that you are bringing in.

I receive – You acknowledge that every good thing is a gift and comes from source. The apostle James once wrote, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights…” You don’t need to feel worthy or deserving or unworthy or undeserving, because these thoughts are from the ego, or lower self, and are irrelevant. You can receive such things as forgiveness, inspiration, strength, etc. Be open to receive anything. You may be surprised!

I give thanks – You acknowledge and express the gratitude you feel for the transformation that has happened. You can give thanks for anything. It doesn’t have to be related to this cleansing session.

By the way, this cleansing freedom mantra can be said anywhere for however long you want. Maybe you’re in a conversation and you just need to take a few deep breaths and say it one time before continuing. Perhaps you’ve just woken up in the morning and you want to repeat it several times as you drink a glass of lemon water.

I’ve found that, if I spend some time reflecting deeper on each point at some time during the day, the energy that I create around this during my time of meditation will come back to me later in the day if I simply repeat the words.

Go ahead, give it a try, and enjoy the freedom!


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