What is Your Full Potential?

12 Jun
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Do you know how tiny you were when you were first conceived? Two wee little cells came together. At your inception you were so small that nobody could even see you without the power of a microscope.

And now look at you. You don’t need that microscope anymore, do you?

What happened? How did those tiny cells – with no brain telling them what to do – know how to intelligently multiply and grow? It seems those cells had some bizarre intelligence wrapped up in their nature.

Potential. That’s what I call it. There was a blueprint, a wonderful plan that was unfolding. I see the same thing in the spring when we start growing tomato plants. A tiny little seed will grow to become a huge plant and sprout little juicy red offspring. The crazy thing is, when this life form is full grown…still no brain!

Ah, but intelligence…intelligence there is in abundance.

It leaves me wondering, “What is my full potential?”, ” What is your full potential?”, ” What is OUR full potential?”, “Are we done growing yet?”, “How much untapped potential did we start with?”, “Just how big is the blueprint in our nature – not just for our physical bodies, but for our minds and our spirits”, and ” Just exactly what are we capable of?”

Environment and nurturing sure seem to play a big part of the process. Whether your full potential is realized or not and your life comes to full fruition will be determined by how well you tend the garden of your mind, body and soul.

I think it will also be determined by how well you treat yourself, care for yourself and how much faith you have in what the creator has placed inside of you.

Here’s another question – at what point do we end and the rest of the universe begin? I mean, I don’t believe I have everything in me. I have to take from my source. I need to be fed and watered like any garden plant.

I really like how we as humans complement our vegetation counterparts. We cannot survive without each other. We produce the carbon dioxide they need, they produce the oxygen we need. It’s a great symbiotic relationship.

I like to ponder these things. I like to think of the possibilities of how limitless we all are. If we just believed that, imagine what we could grow into!

With all this potential and opportunity and hugeness within you and me, it begs the question, have we given up on growing? Have we settled on where we’ve landed? Are we comfortable with where we’re at?

Will you settle for the status quo like most of the world? Or, will you truly push yourself beyond your limits of comfort to see what you are really made of and what really lays inside of you?
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